Al-Mwahib Company
Al-Mwahib Company is a project delivery company with
vast experience in the oil and gas, infrastructure and
power sectors, having operationsin Iraq.
In the field of industrial projects, where
advanced technical know-how and ad- herence
to strict quality specifications and safety standards
are essential, few companies can demonstrate the
efficiency, reliability and experience of Al-Mwa- hib Company.



Al-Mwahib Co. is wholly committed to achieving a high
standard of quality in all its business undertakings.
It is the Group policy to supply products and services
that fully meet or exceed the expectations and
specifications of our customers and clients.
This will be done in a professional, responsive
and responsible manner and with due consideration
for the well being of our employees, shareholders and the environmen



Al-Mwahib Company is one of the leading companies
working in the field of oil, gas services in Iraq.
It specializes in contracting, exporting, importing,
oil and gas services with a strong participation in
the supply and implementation of private and public projects in many areas


Al-Mwahib Co. Management Team is one of the main pillars of its success, continued growth and expansion.Most of the members have been with the company for over years. Dedication, expertise, professionalism and commitment are the main drivers of the management policy.Consistency, clarity



AtAl-Mwahib Company our vision is to be the company of choice for engineering, constructing and maintaining the energy and industrial infrastructure that people rely on around Iraq.


Our mission is to contribute to economic growth and social recovery in Iraq and elsewhere. We strive to build sustainable strategic partnerships, to adopt effective approaches that help businesses access new markets and customers receive quality products regardless of their geographic location. We translate our respect to human life and our planet by adopting corporate social responsibility principles.

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