Al-Mwahib Company able to establish a very good relationship with the gen- eral and specific trends and domestic market, as well as being able to gain the trust of the international companies, which are at the same time aiming to pose Al-Mwahib Company in Iraq.We are a Iraqi company of Includes many staff, working as one team to create lasting impact for ourselves, our customers and the communities where we live and work. We take responsibility for each other and our company’s future, know- ing that personal ownership leads to broader success.We believe in purposeful innovation because we see what others do not and we act. Through business innovation, product creation and service delivery, we are driven to power the industry that powers the Iraq better.We believe in service above all since our singular goal is to move our customers’ business forward. This drives us to anticipate our customers’ needs and work with them to deliver the finest products and services on time and on budget

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