Al-Mwahib Company is a project delivery company with vast experience in the oil and gas, infrastructure and power sectors, having operations in Iraq.
In the field of industrial projects, where advanced technical know-how and ad- herence to strict quality specifications and safety standards are essential, few companies can demonstrate the efficiency, reliability and experience of Al-Mwa- hib Company.
Al-Mwahib Company provides leading professional services in Electrical & In- strumentation Engineering Services, Metering & Measurement Solutions, Systems Integration & Automation, Safety & Security Services, Power Engineering Systems and Cathodic Protection, Inspection & Testing Services, Specialty Engineering Product Units, Quality Assurance Services, Operations & Maintenance Services.
Our goal is to deliver a timely, cost-effective, innovative and sustainable solutions to the satisfaction of our client›s requirements.
To achieve this, Al-Mwahib Company has partnered with best-in-class service delivery companies and Oil companies which has positioned Al-Mwahib Company as the company of choice to our clients.
We are committed to Iraqi Employment Act, and aim to develop and build Iraqi capacities and capabilities with a robust personnel training program.

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